SwiftCDS (CAAT – Credit Algo & Arbitrage Trading):

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SwiftCDS aka Credit Algo & Arbitrage Trading is a Credit Trading and Risk Analytics product of Finacle Soft prospective customers, especially in developed and emerging markets where there is a lot of potential for growth.
SwiftCDS today is a strong financial technology provider to meet the credit market needs. With competitive credit product innovations and a strong customer service culture, our team now includes the best and brightest from financial markets and technology around the globe.


CDS Valuation & Pricing:

  • SwiftCDS Application is a credit trading and risk management product.
  • Excellent credit product coverage.
  • Covers the majority of the instruments.
  • Allows clients to analyze their trades real-time and on historical data.
  • Built on open source technologies like Oracle’s Java & Sencha ExtJS to be agile, flexible and easily scalable.
  • Our expertise enables us to provide seamless upgrades without disturbing the existing setup.

How SwiftCDS (Credit Algo & Arbitrage Trading) differs from others:

  • SwiftCDS trading, risk platform is the industry’s integrated application suite designed to handle all the Credit Derivative instruments.
  • We are using modern, open, technology standards for financial markets. With 35% of staff dedicated to full-time research and development, the SwiftCDS (Credit Algo & Arbitrage Trading) rate of product evolution and improvement will be the highest amongst its industry peers.
  • SwiftCDS comprehensive coverage of credit instruments and life cycle processes enables it to offer better and optimal solutions to investors. Solutions are tailored to the special needs of each category of market participant.

Bond CDS Spreads:


CDS Bond Basis:

cds bond basis



Curve Trade Strategy:

Curve Trade Strategy

SwiftCDS Credit Trading:

Caat Credit Trading