Bio Statistics

Biostatistics is a highly dynamic and growing field dedicated to the creation of innovative theory and methods for study design, data analysis, and statistical inference, and the promotion of these methods as integral to interdisciplinary research in human health and the life sciences.

We offer robust and efficient Biostatistics solutions that help improve our Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical clients’ business performance.We provide¬†Biostatistics services to its clients in the entire clinical development cycle: protocol development, study design, statistical analysis, and regulatory submission. We have a pool of experts having significant expertise in Biostatistics and related implementations.

Applications of Biostatistics:

  • Public health, including epidemiology, health services research, nutrition, environmental health and health care policy & management.
  • Design and analysis of clinical trials in medicine
  • Assessment of severity state of a patient with a¬†prognosis of the outcome of a disease.
  • Population genetics, and statistical genetics in order to link variation in genotype with a variation in phenotype. This has been used in agriculture to improve crops and farm animals (animal breeding). In biomedical research, this work can assist in finding candidates for gene alleles that can cause or influence predisposition to disease in human genetics
  • Analysis of genomics data, for example from microarray or proteomics experiments. Often concerning diseases or disease stages.
  • Ecology, ecological forecasting
  • Biological sequence analysis
  • Systems biology for gene network inference or pathways analysis.